Collegiate Athletic Development

You are not in high school anymore. It is time to “elevate your game” to the next level. The level of competition has increased, practices become more physically demanding, and the need to constantly and consistently perform at a high level is required.


LIFT understands the busy life of a collegiate level athlete. It takes time and commitment both physically and mentally. The one-on-one and small group sessions at our state of the art facilities allow the LIFT staff to conduct assessment- based programming that caters to the needs and goals of each individual athlete. All athletic development programs are specifically tailored to increase durability, power, and speed among a variety of other physical factors, all while decreasing the risk of injury.

A specialized LIFT program results in a stronger more durable athlete. Instead of “in shape,” the LIFT team makes sure at the end of each training program; your performance provides you with a distinctive edge over the competition.