Post Rehab

Post-Rehabilitation training is essential to maintaining the gains achieved through physical therapy, such as mobility, stability and strength. Without a post-rehab program, it is possible to regress if you do not work to keep your recovered injury strong and mobile. Assessing and then addressing the vulnerable areas of the body will enable you to train pain free and gain the physical independence necessary to enjoy all aspects of life.

Whether you are looking to increase your mobility for activities of daily living, or are looking to get back to high performance, LIFT can help. Programs are individually designed and will include myofascial work, movement preparation, dynamic and static core training, mobility and stability exercises, strength training and conditioning. What sets the LIFT post rehabilitation program apart is that our clients have the opportunity to continue with hands on care by a Licensed Physical Therapist while also being coached by a Licensed & Certified Athletic Trainer.


With flexible scheduling, you are guaranteed to have an appointment time that will fit in your schedule. Whether you are ready to schedule your initial assessment or need more information do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you!

  • 12 Training sessions with a rehab specialist
  • 6 sessions with a Licensed Physical Therapist (30 min / per session)
  • Functional Movement Screen ®
  • Home exercise program